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SKT to launch new B2B platform

SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest mobile carrier, will launch a new online B2B trading platform in April to better facilitate the exchange of telecommunications goods and services between local and international companies. SK Telecom’s new platform will handle transactions for company stocks, new, used and refurbished items and the company’s equipment such as network service tools and servers, as well as other electronic goods.

SK Telecom CEO Jang Dong-hyun

The B2B trading platform will strictly operate as a closed system, open to registered members only. The platform is expected to provide buyers with information about a particular product or brand, price comparisons and verification of a product’s authenticity, according to SKT. Meanwhile, sellers will be able to diversify their sales channels and lessen the risks associated with entering new markets, according to the Korean mobile carrier. SKT said it decided to launch the service in a bid to move away from the limitations of offline trading and boost the exchange of telecommunications goods between local and international companies. “With the upcoming B2B trading platform, SKT hopes to revitalize the ICT sector and push forward safer trade between continents,” an SKT official said. SK Telecom is planning to expand the types of transactions supported by the platform, including the sales of business solutions and bidding options.

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