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Marketing Services

As our marketing service evolves, the very definition of marketing is changing. Massive shifts in technology, society and trend are converging to make the old marketing model obsolete.


Marketing is becoming a vastly more complex activity, demanding new capabilities, new organizational models, new skills, and new career paths. We have designed our marketing service offerings to provide end-to-end coverage of the capabilities required in this marketing.


Our Services

Our marketing strategy service offering covers all aspects of dimensions of customer outreach, including brand and portfolio management, marketing capabilities and organization and resource (mix) allocation strategies

Marketing Strategy

Raise product awareness and

drive sell-through at the point of sale with focused promotions and demonstrations by a field force

of our expert staff, fully trained

in representing your products and services with knowledge and skill

Field Force

Effective branding requires market and competitive analysis, customer segmentation, product innovation and promotional tactics. We support creating new brands, developing distinctive and relevant market positions and determining the best way to drive long-term value creation


Customer Values

Understanding brand return on marketing spend and developing the key capabilities of profit-driven marketing, enabling them to allocate marketing resources across products, brands, and geographies to maximize profitability

Maximize Marketing Profitability

Get Suitable Method

Easy to determine the proper organization model (e.g., degree of centralization, COE models), processes and resources for seizing these opportunities

Increasing brand value and sales quantity through our relevant marketing service and exclusive, customized programs

Drive Product Sales

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