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Success in 

New Markets

is Easier than

You Think


Manufacturing Service

Challenging new markets, increasing competitiveness and local production advantages through 37Point’s manufacturing services for IT & Fashion, Life product in Asia. Our capabilities and expertise are built on years of experience helping tier-1 OEMs succeed through manufacture and assembly in local markets around the world.

Our Services

Our turn-key supply chain management solutions are collaborative, customer-focused systems designed to deliver cost effective and tailored supply chains for each customer

Manufacturing &
Supply Chain Management

Better speed to market through high level of performance and scalable volume


Materials program managers, production control and buyers work with site based program management to manage your materials requirements on a daily basis

Integrated Planning
and Execution 

Customer Values

Strengthen market position by offering more up-to-date products at more competitive international retail prices, produced with higher quality compared to legacy factories

Ensuring Better Competitiveness
Quickly Increasing Market Share

Increasing sales and closing gaps in market share through local production and presence

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