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Efficieny Delivery

On Time and Place


Due to the strength of our local transportation(door to door), the partnerships in Asia has negotiated advantageous rates and premium services from the tier-one carriers in all items of transportation.

Our Logistics system offers you to have the benefit without a large capital investment and automation of important delivery planning and carrier management functions; it supports multiple modes and directions, including inbound and outbound

Our Services

Customer Values

Full warehousing service with wide space for inventory strategically positioned in ASIA


Customization means unique product opportunities and

a competitive advantage

Provide Exclusivity
Simplify Market Entrance

Rely on tier-1 supply chain quality and consistency from the industry leaders

Programming, kitting, promotional merchandising assembly, delivery branding, de-branding and burst rework capabilities

Customization and Kitting

Completing order management

with tracking of IMEI/MSN/ESN/SERIAL based on shipping information through delivery to destination

Order Management

Savings expenses through reduced risk of inventory and more efficient logistics

Reduce Costs

As an importer, 37Point  assumes the country of origin with product and arranges optimal transportation and supports asset ownership models to assume risk of loss

Importation and Duties

Supporting flexible models to be completed, temporary or partial asset ownership, enabling faster revenue recognition; simplified product replenishment through comprehensive material planning and component-level procurement


Customized returns processing and management of mobile phones, tablets and accessories from multiple retail channels

Returns Management
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