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Premium Service Wherever & Whenever

You are

Customer Service

Premium customer receive service of exceeds basic courtesy, helpfulness. Customers typically get more personalized service from sales association or customer service level. Special ordering, customer feedback, value-added unique services, and other extras are examples of premium level services.

Our Services

Providing the value-added and customized services you require. Our service is based on a through acquaintance with customer. We report customer’s response and technical analysis daily


Comprehensive Services

Our service center can supply Level 1 tech support in ASIA. This service is included repair and remanufacturing by your original parts



Technical Support

Our Call, On & Offline service center supply best C/S to your customer. This gold is to build up your brand to be premium position


Premium Service

Customer Values

Whole premium service affect cost cutting of logistic and production by repair and re-manufacturing by your original parts. Your company can get Asia base for product supporting

Cost decreasing 
Build up brand value

Whole premium service make customer’ royalty and brand durability. You can fully understand country’ environments by our daily reporting service

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